Welcome to booking.pixxelboxx.com

Once you are ready to book then it’s time to visit our easy-to-use booking site. We have laid out this
step by step guide below to help you if you get stuck along the way.

The first page you will reach will be this screen. At this point we ask you to insert your date, email address & to click yes to us allowing contact permission due to GDPR ruling.

Once you have done this click the button at the bottom to continue the process.

You will also notice the manage booking on the right hand side and we will come back to this later.

Welcome to the fun!

Now it’s time to change everything you’re looking for at your upcoming event. With a large range of photobooths and extras you now have to make your decision.

Click on the item/items you would like to choose and lets progress to the next stage of booking.

Oh and don’t forget to add multiple items and save 10% automatically.

Pick Your Experience

Now you have selected what you would like, you will find our experiences have popped up. These are the experiences we offer here at Pixxelboxx. Making the most of your time for a very affordable price.

Every experience is different depending on the products you have chosen so please make sure to take a couple of minutes to read through what is available for you.

We highly recommend if you’re going for a photobooth experience to include the guestbook option. This allows you to look back over the memories for many years to come.

Time To Stand Out!

Some of our photobooth experiences require you to add a backdrop for your images. These are used for our open photobooths to ensure guests pop in the images.

This will only be available on certain experiences so if it doesn’t show up then fear not it may not be included in the product you are booking.

Who Gives You Extra?

That’s right we do! We give you extra letters within our name but also within our business. 

Whether you’re looking for 4ft of LOVE or an arcade game to give your guests an unforgettable experience then these are just some of the extras we can offer you.

Why not bring in what is now a little piece of history to your event by booking one of our replica Queen Elizabeth II post boxes in either white or red to keep your cards safe.

All About You

You have chosen the fun bits now it’s time we need to know about you. This is the section where we need you to fill in all your details.

Please ensure to go through this section with as much detail as possible. The more detail you give us in regard to themes names and anything else you think we should know will mean our design team can create a perfect template custom made to your event.

Secure Your Date

So now we have your details. It’s time to part with some cash, readies, wonga or whatever you want to call it. We ask for a £75 booking fee to secure your date and event. If you wish to pay full balance for peace of mind, then you are also more than welcome.

Make That Payment

You’re now at our virtual checkout. This will allow you to see how much you are paying whether it be just the booking fee or the full amount this is where you will see it.

Pop your details in this section and you will go through our secure stripe booking system.

The Legal Part

You have made a payment and now it’s time to read the T&C’s and sign your soul away. Only messing! It’s now time to sign and say you’re happy with the experience you have booked.

This can always be updated later in the future if you wish to add any extra items to your booking.

Click Accept & Proceed and we are complete. Now at the start you saw the manage booking this is now where you will go to check out your booking. This will allow you to see the template the design team have created for you up to 2 weeks prior to your event. More importantly this is where you will need to visit to make any further payments.

Payments must be fully paid 2 weeks prior to the event with you being able to make payments whenever you wish to in increments of £25 and above.

Manage Your Booking

You have booked your experience with us at Pixxelboxx so first of all a massive warm welcome from Conner & Shane the directors here at Pixxelboxx.

You will have received an email with your booking number Etc #363. This will be the number you need for the booking ID and your last name that you put on the booking.

This will take you to your personal login screen. If you are to have any questions or wish to add extras onto your booking, then please get in contact with our team directly.